Prime take on the USA!

So far 2018 has started off with a BANG!

We were honoured to take Prime to the United States to compete against some of the best teams in the world. They competed at not one but two competitions during their trip; NCA and Cheersport.

We felt very lucky to have our sister club, Outlaws All Stars Sheriffs experience this journey with us as well as our friends from East Coast All Stars. We have had made so many great memories from this trip, from training at Stingray All Stars and Cheer Athletics to seeing our favourite America cheerleading teams perform right before our eyes and of course we can't forget our visit to DISNEYLAND!

It was amazing to watch the girls perform and hit ZERO not once, not twice but all four times! All of their hard work had paid off and we couldn't be more proud of this unbelievable achievement. Prime placed third at Cheersport in Atlanta and seventh at NCA in Dallas. The girls overcame so many obstacles and pushed through to put such an incredible routine on the floor, giving their absolute all. They could have not made the coaches or the Cheer Factor family any more proud.

We will never forget this trip and hopefully we will be back again soon!